MedTech Innovator has selected 50 digital health startups to participate in a four-month showcase and accelerator program. The program began June 25th with the annual MedTech Innovator Summit, a virtual event where leadership teams participated in workshops and networked with investors, manufacturers, providers, and consumers. All 50 companies will conclude the program with a showcase presentation at The MedTech Conference, October 5-7 of this year.

From the 50 participating companies, an extensive and rigorous panel of judges selected a subset of 30 companies to complete the award-winning accelerator program. Established industry leaders provide these early-stage startups with intensive mentoring and support. Three of the health tech startups participating in the accelerator program provide a good cross-section of the types of projects in the program.

Lief Therapeutics offers an adhesive device worn on the torso that monitors heart rate variability (HRV). The device provides biofeedback vibrations when HRV lowers below a target rate, which indicates that a stressful experience has sent the body into a “flight-or-fight” mode. When the user breathes to the rhythm of the vibrations for three minutes, the nervous system returns to a state of “rest-and-digest.” Continued use trains the wearer to maintain a higher HRV and respond to stress more healthily.

Cardiosense is a wireless skin patch that detects physiological changes that precede cardiac events with an ICU-level of accuracy. Providers receive data from the patch, allowing them to monitor patients with heart conditions, provide early intervention, and avoid hospitalization.

Cerebra has developed an at-home system for lab-quality sleep studies. The company’s Prodigy Sleep System includes a lightweight EEG sensor device and a software platform that provides in-depth sleep analysis.

Following the showcase presentations in October, four startups receive an Execution Award. Another four companies will then compete in the Grand Final competition. An audience vote determines which startup is named 2020 MedTech Innovator; the winner earns a prize of $350,000.