The COVID-19 pandemic continues to strain hospital resources and overwhelm healthcare workers who risk contracting the coronavirus while caring for patients who have the disease. OhmniLabs is stepping up to increase the availability of its signature telepresence robot to healthcare organizations. The Ohmni Robot limits provider-patient contact, reduces the need for PPE, and allows hospitalized patients to stay connected with friends and family.

Made in the United States, the lightweight Ohmni Robot lets users see one another through a 4K HD wide-angle camera, and hear each other over a far-field mic and speaker system. An ultra-responsive tilting neck makes remote communication feel more natural, allowing views that approximate an in-person experience. These technologies make full rooms visible, images sharper, and sounds clearer, even from a distance.

With remote driving capabilities and a five-plus hour battery life, the robot can make distance adjustments or move from room to room without hands-on contact. Users control the robot via a computer or mobile device; all data is end-to-end encrypted for user privacy.

Demand for the robot has increased in response to the COVID-19 crisis. As OhmniLabs increases the robot’s production, it also intends to incorporate additional COVID-specific features within the existing platform. A variety of hospitals have already implemented the Ohmni telepresence system, including Mount Sinai Hospital of New York, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Texas Children’s Hospital, Colorado Children’s Hospital, Cook Children’s Medical Center, and the Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

In addition to decreasing the risk of transmission, these facilities use the robot to enhance patient monitoring, reduce response times, improve health education, and more. The precision features and ease of use make the Ohmni Robot an effective tool to enhance safety, keep caregivers connected to their patients, and make communication easier. Those factors can significantly reduce risks and improve outcomes for hospital treatment of COVID-19.