Manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other workplaces that require employees to perform physical labor are taking worker safety more seriously due to the virus crisis. The Reflex is a smart wearable created by KINETIC that monitors body mechanics to reduce the risk of bodily injury on the job. In response to COVID-19, KINETIC has adapted the Reflex to help workers maintain social distancing guidelines on the job.

Worn clipped to a belt, the standard Reflex uses smart sensors to detect and analyze the posture of workers as they move. If an employee performs excessive or unsafe movements, such as bending, twisting, or reaching, the device vibrates to alert the wearer. This real-time feedback increases individual kinesthetic awareness and supports safe posture and alignment.

Accessible to workers and employers through a computer dashboard, Reflex software provides actionable insights for companies and individuals. Gamification features let employees set goals, monitor improvements, and participate in reward-based challenges with other workers.

Reflex now assists workers in maintaining social distancing guidelines with the addition of real-time proximity alerts and contract tracing capabilities. Advanced sensors detect and send alerts when employees come too close. The device then transmits contact data to the dashboard for further analysis.

The new contact tracing application within the dashboard software analyzes the duration and frequency of contacts for each user. Employers can generate reports from this data, allowing them to identify specific issues so they can make adjustments that further minimize employee contact.

With its latest upgrade, currently available through a pilot program, Reflex can help users feel more comfortable at work and increase personal confidence in maintaining a safe distance. By integrating virus protection with injury reduction, KINETIC has stepped up to offer comprehensive and up-to-date support for workplace safety.