Entrepreneurs with innovative COVID-19 solutions have an opportunity to win investments and business services in MedStartr’s latest crowd challenge. MedStartr, a funding platform supporting healthcare startups, holds its War on COVID virtual pitch showcase on June 24, 2020. During the event, finalists from a two-month, online challenge have the opportunity to pitch their solutions to a panel of judges in front of a virtual audience.

Since April 24, challengers featured on the MedStartr challenge webpage have competed for likes, shares, follows, and other metrics, hoping to qualify as a finalist for the virtual showcase. Challengers increase their online rank when they receive mentoring, funding offers, requests for products, and more. The highest-ranking teams participate in “first round” virtual pitch challenges; teams that win a first-round challenge become finalists.

The War on COVID-19 challenge currently has 20 challengers offering a wide array of cutting-edge solutions for concerns like COVID-related lung scarring, pregnancy during the pandemic, and lack of health literacy in parents. When it comes to health tech, stand-out solutions include a comfortable smart mask, a game platform that helps patients manage health conditions, and a smart pill dispenser.

The Sensoria Smart Mask, made of comfortable, reusable materials with a disposable filter, works with a smartphone app and a clinician dashboard. Fitted with a biosensor, the mask senses the body temperature of the wearer. It then sends data to the app or dashboard for personal or remote patient monitoring.

Litesprite, a game platform for patients, presents the new mental health videogame Sinasprite. Sinasprite gamifies evidence-based practices like CBT and mindfulness techniques to help patients manage and mitigate stress, anxiety, and depression.

iRx Reminder Medication Management Platform includes an IoT, pharmacy-filled dispenser for mental health medications. The dispensor has smart alerting capabilities that work with a smartphone app. The platform helps improve patient medication adherence while sending data to assist provider management through a cloud-based interface.

Winners of the June 24 showcase will enter the MedStartr due diligence process. Qualifying winners become eligible for investments of up to $2 million and inclusion in MedStartr’s three-year acceleration program.