Vayyar, a global leader in wireless sensor technology, has partnered with robotic healthcare pioneer Meditemi to create a home care robot with enhanced intelligence. Capable of a variety of remote monitoring options, the new robot can provide early, remote detection of COVID-19 symptoms.

Designed primarily for seniors, the original Meditemi home care robot can remind remote patients to check blood pressure and make sure they drink enough water. It easily connects patients with providers for video health appointments and can call for help in case of emergency. Families and caregivers of elderly individuals can control the robot’s movements and functions remotely with a cell phone app and use it to check in on seniors.

With the addition of Vayyar’s 4D intelligent RF sensor, the robot now offers fast, touch-free vital sign monitoring. When a patient stands within one meter of the robot, it performs a rapid scan that detects heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, respiratory and heart rate waveforms, and temperature. Within 10 seconds, vital signs and COVID-19 infection risk level appear on the robot’s screen.

The robot’s features, including RF scanning, don’t require the patient to stand in the line of sight. Scanning is unaffected by low lighting or weather conditions. The robot monitors vital signs to alert health providers of early signs of health deterioration. It can also detect bodies in space; therefore, the robot can recognize if a person has fallen and call for help.

Expanding beyond senior care, the enhanced robot offers no-contact screening, decreasing the risk of exposure for other patients and health care providers. Positioned in public spaces such as building entrances, public transit, airports, or large events, the robot could improve safety with automatic, touchless screening. Vayyar and Meditemi believe the more intelligent robot can help restore public confidence as people return to work and regular activities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.