Former engineering students from MIT are developing washable, flexible circuits with sensors to capture biometric data. Bloomer Tech‘s mission is tailoring cardiovascular healthcare to women. The company is currently in trials with its first product, the Bloomer Bra.

Embedded sensors in the Bloomer Bra track and transmit data via Bluetooth to a smartphone app. The data includes include ECG reports, pulse created, respiratory rates, heart rhythms, and more. According to the Bloomer Tech website, the app also includes information about the various metrics and interactive tools. In addition to gleaning suggestions for improving their heart health, women will also be able to opt in to share the Bloomer Bra data with their healthcare professionals.

Last year we reported on a study at the  University of Colorado College of Nursing that found active older women prefer wearables to sensors. The UC study supports the concept of sensor-embedded fabrics used to construct women’s garments as a means to monitoring their health.

Bloomer Tech is inviting collaborators who want to wear a Bloomer Bra or participate in Bloomer Tech research.