Companies and institutions respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in a variety of ways. Patriapps, a New York-based software developer, is offering all U.S. high schools and colleges $5 million worth of free subscriptions to Copeify, a machine-learning-based self-care and life-skills application. Patriapp CEO Drew Bartkiewicz modeled Copeify on the U.S. Army’s Ready and Resilient (R2) programs.

Copeify is a smart app the developer claims helps young adults ages 12 to 23 improve their health and wellness intelligence. At the same time, the app teaches how to manage stress, build lifelong coping skills, and live healthier and happier lives. Based on each student’s interaction with the platform, Copeify provides articles, stories, health information, and video on 10 core topics. The essential topics include exercise, family, nutrition, resilience, happiness, health, leadership, mindfulness, school, and sleep. Students can increase their CopeScores in the program, but they do not set up profiles and their personal data cannot be tracked.

According to Copefiy’s Major General Malcolm Frost, U.S. Army Retired, “young people and those who teach them need to increase their coping capacities in a more regular and remote way, with complete privacy. Copeify is an intelligent and anonymous platform for both young adults and faculty to discover complete wellness in the same medium, so they can thrive in an academic and social environments and better combat both the uncertainties of COVID-19 and life itself,” Frost continued.

This is one more example of how digital health products can serve a wide audience in spite of the contact restrictions caused by the current pandemic.