Right now, most parents wouldn’t consider bringing their child to a doctor’s office, especially for a minor health concern. Even before quarantine, the struggle to shuttle kids to and from the doctor — especially for issues that might not require any treatment — put busy moms and dads in a bind. Individuals and families who wish to avoid the waiting room can now preorder TelScope, a smart telemedicine device that creates clear intra-oral images and submits them to remote providers from the comfort of home.

Produced by Holland Healthcare, TelScope attaches to a smartphone, completely illuminating the interior of the mouth. The TelScope app uses the phone’s camera to take high-quality images. Users can circle, measure, and comment on areas of concern before transmitting the photos to their provider.

Founded by Australian entrepreneur Jennifer Holland, Holland Healthcare was a winner in the first season of “Shark Tank Australia” for its initial offering, ThroatScope. The success of this provider-facing, illuminated tongue depressor allowed the company to open offices in the U.S. Holland Healthcare currently has products for illuminated ear and wound examination in the works.

Holland, an inventor and mother, developed the idea for TelScope after she and her kids struggled with a difficult waiting room experience, only to find that she could easily treat her son’s sore throat at home. She and her company believe that TelScope can help ease the burden on parents, flatten the COVID-19 curve, and give rural patients remote access to better health care. Holland Healthcare hopes to bring the device to as many homes, providers, and medical centers as possible.

The company set up an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, and customers can preorder the device through the Indiegogo page. Product shipping is scheduled to begin in July of 2020.