Quality sleep is elusive for many of us. According to a report on short sleep duration by the CDC in 2014, 35.2% of U.S. adults have short sleep duration, which is defined as less than seven hours of sleep within each 24-hour period. In recent years, we have covered a number of products that don’t just report on sleep quality, but that proactively work to help you get a better sleep. These include such products such as the Philips Deep Sleep Headband, Orro smart lighting, and the Dreem headband.

Amazfit, a Huami fitness and health brand, introduced the Amazfit Zenbuds at CES 2020. Zenbuds are multipurpose earbuds that play many roles in support of quality sleep. The smart, noise-blocking earbuds fit securely in your ears all night thanks to a unique design that braces each earbud against the ridge of the outer ear. Each earbud weighs just 1.78-grams, approximately one-third the weight of an AirPod Pro earbud.

Zenbuds play relaxing sounds such as chirping birds or babbly brooks in a technique similar to a white noise machine. This serves to block and distract your attention from external noise while you sleep. Paired with a smartphone app that also controls the soundtrack choice and volume, the Zenbud monitors and reports your sleep position, sleep quality, and heart rate. In addition, you can set a personal alarm clock that sounds in your ear and increases gradually in volume but is not audible to others. Zenbuds run for up to 8-hours per lithium-ion battery charge, according to AmazFit, and they come in a charging case that can recharge the buds seven times.

We’ve not been able to learn when, where, and for how much AmazFit Zenbuds will be available for purchase, but we have reached out to the company and will update this post when we hear back.