Compliance with therapy instructions can mean the difference between a diabetic foot ulcer that heals and one that eventually results in foot amputation or even death. The pain and severity of this life-threatening development inspire research and development such as Bonbouton’s foot ulcer detection insoles and Podimetrics in-home foot temperature measuring system.

During CES 2018, Sensoria Health and Optima Molliter announced a partnership to develop smart footwear capable of monitoring prescription compliance. In October 2019, speakers from Microsoft’s Azure IoT, Sensoria Health, and Optima announced the release of the Motus Smart Powered by Sensoria boot at DFCon, an international, interdisciplinary diabetic foot conference.

The Motus Smart boot combines Microsoft Azure cloud technology, the Sensoria Core mobile patient app, and Optima Molliter’s boot. The clinically tested boot incorporates pressure sensors with interchangeable insoles that offer different densities. The insoles help take the pressure off diabetic foot ulcers and improve circulation. The Motus Smart Boot applies AI algorithms to sensor data and transmits alerts via text messages to patients, caregivers, and clinicians.

According to the DFCon presenters, the Motus Smart boot remote monitoring system is privacy-protected and integrates with HL7 interoperability standard-compliant hospital EMR systems. Medicare will reimburse clinicians who use the Motus Smart Boot system to improve outcomes and reduce the risk of amputation.

It didn’t take a village but in the case of the Motus Smart boot, three companies worked together to provide a much-needed solution for a painful, life-altering, and extremely costly problem.