We appear to be slowly leaving the Age of the Pill. The last few generations have been raised on the idea that there’s a pill for whatever ails you. While modern pharmaceuticals continue to perform medical miracles, it remains a fact that we as a society have become dependent on chemical solutions for health problems. As in Alice in Wonderland, there are pills to make you larger and other pills to make you smaller. The opioid epidemic and other detrimental effects have made more and more consumers receptive to non-chemical solutions. One of the most promising areas is the use of electrical currents to stimulate nerves to block pain or create some other desired effect.

Neuvana has launched a new product called Xen. Unlike other wearable stimulation devices, this product is not a wrap or a patch or other similar form factor. Instead, the stimulating components are embedded in earbuds that you can also use to listen to music.

In fact, the Xen system is designed to sync the stimulation to the music that you are listening to, whether it’s streaming music, television, or just the ambient sounds of your surroundings. The electrical pulses are designed to stimulate the vagus nerve. According to the company research shows that this sort of stimulation can lead to feelings of calmness, enhanced mental focus, and a more positive mood.

The company recommends two treatment sessions daily, lasting from 15 to 20 minutes each. The rechargeable battery is designed to provide up to three hours of use between charges. The sessions and choice of stimulation patterns are configured using a smartphone app (iOS or Android). As a result, new stimulation pulse patterns can be delivered through program updates as research points to improved treatments.

The Xen system does not claim to treat any specific medical condition, but it could be a helpful tool for some people to deal with stress in their lives. And it could be one more bellwether product pointing towards a societal shift away from pills as the go-to solution for what ails you.