Mental illness affects almost 25% of the adults in the U.K. each year according to the National Health Service. A 2018 report presented to Britain’s Parliament stated that one in six English people said they suffered from depression or anxiety within the past week. Late last year, the rising public health challenge of depression spurred former Prime Minister Theresa May to name Tracey Crouch, Britain’s then undersecretary for sport and civil society, as the Minister of Loneliness.

Flow Neuroscience announced a free iOS chatbot therapist app developed to combat depression through engagement. Called Flow, the app offers 24/7, “always-on” therapy designed by clinical psychologists and machine learning experts. The chatbot presents a variety of self-help strategies, meditation, and mental exercises based on daily conversations. Flow tracks the users’ mood and emphasizes the importance of sleep, nutrition, exercise, and meditation in warding off and recovering from depression. The mood-tracking feature keys on individualized responses modeled on behavioral therapy.

Flow Neuroscience introduced a neurostimulation headset for depression in June and the Flow app informs users about the benefits of neurostimulation at home with the headset. If users wish to purchase the Flow headset, they can use it in conjunction with the app. Anyone can download the iOS version of the Flow app now. The company plans to release the Android version in October.

It’s certainly notable that England’s concern about its citizens’ mental health spurred the appointment of a Minister of Loneliness and an escalation of efforts to help people who suffer from depression. Apps like this one could help individuals take more control over their own mental health.