Los Angles-based MedTech Innovator announced 20 startup finalists in its Asia Pacific Showcase program. The MedTech Innovator program seeks and supports companies developing transformative device, diagnostic, and digital health tech in the Asia Pacific area. In addition to the visibility that the startups gain from their selection for the innovation program, a single Asia Pacific Winner in the MedTech Innovator Grand Finals will receive a substantial cash prize. In all up to $300,000 in prizes will be awarded.

The startup finalists range from early- to mid-stage in their development process. Among the startups, three that caught our interest are Tokyo-based Bisu Body Coach, Singapore’s Delmedica Investments’ X-halo, and iUFlow by Kesem Health from Melbourne, Australia.

The Bisu Body Coach is a smart urine analyzer designed for consumer user at home The Body Coach measures ketosis for fat burning, plus electrolytes and hydration levels. The technology provides feedback on training intensity and recovery and provides suggestions and advice to maintain health and hydration.

X-Halo, billed as the world’s first breath thermometer, is designed for professional and home use. According to the company, breath temperature can alert users to the presence of inflammation in the lungs.

iUFlow for bladder diary female users increases patient compliance, reduces office visit time, and decreases repeating office visits. The device automatically measures urination and emails the result to healthcare provides.

MedTech Innovator’s international medical and health technology showcases encourage and support product development to aid inventors and entrepreneurs.