Louisville-based XLerateHealth (XLH) helps healthcare startup companies commercialize and develop their innovations. Since 2013, 66 startups participated in the XLH 12-week bootcamp and more than 80% still operate. Bootcamp attendees connect with domain experts, mentors, and coaches who specialize in all aspects of commercialization. The XLH 2019 roster of nine healthcare startups from New York, Texas, Illinois, California, and Kentucky includes Briocare, NohoMed, and Assay Me.

Briocare, located in Frisco, Texas, focuses on reducing isolation and loneliness among seniors and reducing caregiver anxiety with a voice technology AI-driven Senior Care platform. With Senior Care, caregivers can schedule care events for seniors, give health tips, and monitor daily activity and wellbeing reports.

NYC-based NohoMed‘s AI-based COPD patient tracking system detects patient compliance with COPD monitoring protocols. The NohoMed alert system’s exacerbation detection algorithm improves timing for meaningful interventions.

The AssayMe at-home app diagnoses type 2 diabetes risk. The New York City-based company’s computer vision algorithms use smartphone cameras for clinical-grade urine test strip scanning for five indicators: glucose, protein, pH, specific gravity, and ketones.

Accelerators such as XLH provide a valuable service that helps entrepreneurial startups develop beyond lab benches and computer screens to market their innovations.