Hundreds of American mothers die every year during childbirth, and about 50,000 are seriously injured, even though the US spends more on healthcare per person than any other nation.

Perhaps as a response to a perceived lack in the traditional healthcare system, many Americans are turning to wellness apps to manage stress, nutrition, and physical health—and now prenatal care as well.

Babyscripts, a new prenatal app, automates some aspects of medical care by pairing users with a certified OBGYN who virtually checks in and provides helpful information. The company also sends patients a Wi-Fi-compatible blood pressure cuff to monitor blood pressure weekly. If a patient’s blood pressure reaches dangerous levels, doctors are automatically notified through Babyscripts, reducing risk significantly.

A study by George Washington University recently showed that patients who subscribed to Babyscripts reported fewer in-person doctor visits (an average of 7.8 in-person visits compared with the control group’s 10.2), with equal satisfaction to those who didn’t use the app. The study examined 88 participants with overall low-risk pregnancies between the ages of 18 and 40.

As apps like Babyscripts shift the tide in the medical industry, expectant parents could see greater access to quick and helpful prenatal care.