If you have been admitted to a hospital recently, there’s a good chance that your lower legs got wrapped in plastic contraptions hooked up to a pneumatic device at the foot of your bed. These wraps apply rhythmic pressure to maintain good circulation in your legs. This helps prevent blood clots and reduce potential swelling from fluid build-up (edema) that can occur when your calf muscles don’t get enough workout to pump fluids back into your torso.

That same sort of treatment will soon be available to individuals. Spryng has created battery-powered pneumatic wraps that provide similar benefits without having to be tethered to a device. It is initially marketed to fitness enthusiasts as a way to prepare for workouts and speed recovery after exercise. The company also suggests it for people who have to spend lots of time standing or sitting. They also suggest that airplane or car passengers use it on long trips when it’s not convenient to walk around frequently.

The wraps have rechargeable batteries that are designed to provide up to 2.5 hours of use, which is enough for 8 to 10 fifteen-minute sessions. The wraps have different massage patterns and levels of intensity. One interesting feature is that they wirelessly sync with each other so that the compression cycles happen at the same time.

The company has an Indiegogo campaign for the product that reached its funding goal within 15 minutes. Shipments are scheduled to start in September.