Just like the famous combination of chocolate and peanut butter, some things are just made to go together. Two of health tech’s trending technologies are telehealth and augmented reality (AR), and they are working together to make each one even better.

VSee is a company that has built a HIPAA-compliant video conference platform for telemedicine applications. It was even chosen by NASA for use on the International Space Station. Vuzix is one of the leading makers of AR glasses and wearable displays. The two companies have announced a partnership to bring AR smart glasses to the telehealth platform.

This addition will allow first responders and other health professionals share real-time images of their cases and receive consultation and other information from other participants in the video conference setting. The companies anticipate applications ranging from training to tele-surgery. The AR component could even be valuable for enhanced video visits with patients.

The net result is that more information will be made available sooner and to more people involved in a patient’s care than is currently possible. This will be a boon not just for sparsely populated areas worldwide, but can also help with the treatment of patients who might not have easy access to specialists or other healthcare services.