As we’ve often pointed out, one side-effect of the opioid crisis is that more and more people are turning to non-chemical solutions for health and medical problems. Many people are looking for ways to reduce their feelings of stress in their busy lives, but don’t want to take a pill to relieve the symptoms.

We’ve written about Doppel before, and their wristband designed to reduce feelings of stress. The company has been shipping the product for about a year, and have developed a loyal customer base. The wristband is a mechanical device at its heart, as opposed to a product with complex sensors or electrodes or other digital electronics. Instead, the wristband creates silent vibrations that are felt on your wrist. It mimics the “lub-dub” of a heartbeat, and a slower rhythm can have a calming effect on the wearer. A faster cadence can help energize and help the wearer feel more focused.

The device is controlled by a companion app on a smartphone. In the past year, the company has improved the design of the charging station and updated the app to make it easier to select the desired rhythm.

The Doppel is a great example of how science can be applied using a straightforward device, and help people cope with stress feelings without resorting to chemicals.