Electronics used to mean running insulated wires between discrete components. Then came printed circuit boards and integrated circuits contained in chips. But wearable devices need new solutions; circuitry must be able to stretch and bend along with human body parts.

If you’re looking for new solutions, make plans to attend CPES2019 May 16 and 17 in Quebec, Canada. The conference will cover the latest developments in flexible, stretchable, 2D, and 3D printed electronics. Participants will find out about smart textiles and wearables along with supporting technologies.

Readers of Health Tech Insider will recognize the many potential applications for health and medical solutions. From remote patient monitoring to detailed 24/7 biometric data recording, smart garments and other devices have the power to transform healthcare.

The conference will be held at the Domaine Chateau Bromont, located just an hour from Montreal. We are proud to be a Media Sponsor for the event, and our readers can take advantage of a $100 discounted registration. The small scale of this event makes it an ideal opportunity to meet and network with key players in the printed electronics industry.