Technology isn’t holding us back from continuously monitoring biometric wearables. If we choose, soon we’ll all be able to wear garments that serve an expanded range of functions beyond protecting our skin from sun and weather. In the past few years, we’ve seen growing interest in smart fibers, patch-based and woven sensors, and integrated functionality with wireless technologies and power sources. So the technologies are in place.

HeartIn‘s HeartIn Fit smart ECG t-shirt is the company’s latest ECG wearable. In 2014 HeartIn began work on its first product, a portable 12-lead ECG. In 2015 the company built a wristband format ECG monitor. The first product was too clinical and complicated for most potential customers. The bracelet could only take interval ECGs, but HeartIn wanted continuous monitoring. The HeartIn t-shirt evolved in four years.

The smart t-shirt has two built-in textile nanoelectrodes and does not require ECG lead cables or stickers for what the company describes as clinical-grade, medical accuracy. The nanoelectrodes are on the inside of the shirt at chest level with traces that run to the left sleeve. The ECG unit with a 12-hour rechargeable battery clamps onto the left sleeve where it connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Press one button to start monitoring and the ECG unit collects and records data from the leads which it sends on to the smartphone app where it is analyzed by an AI algorithm.

According to HeartIn, the t-shirt material wicks sweat to let your body breathe will working out. The machine washable shirt can withstand up to 150 washes, the company says. The HeartIn Fit integrates with Apple HealhKit. Google Fit integration is in development.

The HeartIn isn’t the first garment form factor health tech wearable we’ve noticed and it won’t be the last. The HeartIn is available for ordering now from the company website for $250.