CES 2019 starts tomorrow. If you haven’t been lately, let me tell you that CES in Las Vegas has become enormous! This year, I’ve added an extra day to my schedule and still I’m not going to get to see all the companies with wearable or mobile devices for health and medical applications. But I’m going to see a lot of them.

All told, I’m scheduled to meet with senior executives from about 100 different companies, ranging from major corporations — including Samsung, Philips, CIGNA, and AT&T — to tiny startups with novel technology solutions from around the world. I’m going to see the latest in non-invasive biometric measurement and ways that AR and VR are being used to help people become healthier. I’ll see products and services designed for users ranging from infants to the elderly. And I’m going to spend a full day in Eureka Park where the small startups and university labs have their latest projects on display.

Along the line, I’ll also be presenting at a couple events, including the Digital Health Summit where I’ll be leading a session on “Voice Tech & Wearables: How Will Highly-Regulated Industries Deploy These Transformative Technologies?” And I’ll even be interviewing industry leaders on camera for Digital Health LIVE.

In short, I’ll be drinking from the fire hose for more than four days. Why should you care? Because I am going to hold an hour-long Executive Briefing during which I am going to share the highlights of the show along with specific details about some of the more interesting companies and products. And I’ll add my own informed analysis to the mix so you will understand why all this matters to you and your company.

I have scheduled the briefing for Thursday, January 24 which will give me time to pull together an information-packed presentation. And I’ve arranged to provide you with some free bonuses, including a written transcript and audio recording of the session that you can refer to any time you want. And in response to requests by our friends in Europe, I have scheduled two sessions: one at 8 AM Eastern and a second at 2 PM Eastern.

The feedback from these sessions in previous years has been enthusiastic, and I have every reason to expect the same this year. And as an added incentive, I am offering a $50 discount if you register by Monday, January 14. Simply use the coupon code EARLYBIRD when you register.

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