Anything that helps helps. There is no need to make the case that diabetes continues to be a pervasive health threat to millions upon millions of Americans and, increasingly, throughout developed countries worldwide. People diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes face a lifetime of managing the disease. We’ve written about a wide variety of wearable digital products developed to help people with diabetes, from closed-loop insulin management systems to heart rate sensors that detect early signs of the disease.

In November 2017, we wrote about Klue, Inc.’s gesture detection wearable that used AI to associate specific movements and gestures with eating and drinking. Based on those behaviors the software issued real-time coaching guidance. At the time Klue had developed its own wearable but was seeking smartwatch partners.

Skip a year ahead and Klue now partners with Apple for Apple Watch software. Klue’s software still focuses on eating and drinking behavior but is expanding to related areas, including diabetes. Klue’s artificial intelligence platform for Type 1 diabetics tracks food and liquid consumption and prompts users to check their blood sugar level. Klue recently added a feature that issues reminders to administer insulin bolus when needed. The software can also send alerts to family members and care team members.

Klue intends to extend its AI platform to managing artificial pancreas systems, but for now, personalized smart watch reminders for busy people with T1D are a solid start.