When you can’t tell what’s wrong with someone in pain or you need more information to diagnose and treat a patient in need, ultrasound scanning is often one of the first investigative tools. This digital imaging technology is non-invasive and practically risk-free. Mobile ultrasound devices in hospitals and the field add convenience and speed. We recently wrote about hospitals in Sweden acquiring Sonoscanner’s U-Lite portable ultrasound system. Clarius Mobile Health has a handheld wireless scanner for use by first responders.

Healcerion recently announced the Sonon 300L, a wireless, handheld ultrasound scanner that weighs just 13 ounces and costs 1/10th as much as traditional ultrasound machines, according to the manufacturer. The Sonon 300L is FDA-registered and uses an iOS or Android mobile app to pair with a tablet or smartphone. Healcerion states the Sonon 300L is the lightest weight handheld ultrasound scanner. The Sonon’s claimed 3-hour continuous scanning time per battery charge is also longer than other devices.

With applications from medical diagnosis to biofeedback training, continued developments with relatively low-cost, wireless mobile ultrasound scanners can improve healthcare professional’s access to imaging technology in clinics and hospitals as well as in remote locations.