Augmented reality (AR) is a natural fit for health and wellness technology. AR’s ability to add numeric data, text, graphics, images, and even video to a user’s field of vision has the potential for education, reference, engagement, and even fun. Most of the new health tech we’ve written about that incorporates augmented reality was developed for use by adults.  Examples include a smartphone AR app to help Parkinson’s patients with gait freeze, workplace safety with smart glasses, and another AR app for smart glasses that can help find veins.

Kolibree‘s Magik is an augmented reality app and a special toothbrush for kids. Magik is designed to motivate and educate kids to brush their teeth better. Emphasizing fun, the Magik app runs on a smartphone. The child can choose from a series of 15 adventures. While the app is running it also detects toothbrush movement and position and provides coaching cues so the child brushes correctly. A companion parent app lets parents monitor the session to see not only how long the adventurer brushes, but also how well based on the motion detection sensors. Gamifying brushing teeth includes rewards in the form of earning an interactive mask for brushing thoroughly and sticker packs for tangible rewards when the child finishes the adventure. Kolibree works with game developer Ubisoft to create the toothbrush games.

Kolibree Magik is still in development. The company previously developed Ava, a toothbrush with an embedded processor and 3D motion sensors. Ava uses artificial intelligence with deep learning algorithms to help adults understand how well or poorly they brush their teeth and to provide guidance and coaching to improve their brushing behavior.