Connected mobile devices, wearable sensors, and electronic health records (EHR) play a major part in how the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing healthcare. People responsible for Healthcare IT face the daunting challenge of integrating these fast-moving technologies into existing IT systems. Insight, a global technology solution enterprise, recently published a white paper to assist healthcare organizations with IoT integration.

10 Best Practices for Discovering the Best Mobile and IoT Devices for Healthcare” outlines specific steps and strategies for evaluating mobile devices. Some of the “best practices” mentioned advise on structure. For example, it discusses how to set up the team to conduct the exploration, including both in-house personnel and outside advisers. Other items in the white paper suggest methodology: the strategies and tools for the discovery process. With the structure and methodology in place, the remaining suggestions outline the first steps in the device exploration.

Healthcare’s leaders face the need to control costs without sacrificing access or quality of care; the Internet of Things offers the promise of tools to achieve this goal. The challenges and risks are Any organization incorporating diverse technologies faces challenges and risks, especially when those solutions are still in the toddler stages of development. Reasoned strategies and best practices such as those in Insight’s white paper can provide a stable framework for exploring unfamiliar technology.