Many people believe that flexible sensors and electronic devices are going to provide the deus ex machina required to transform our healthcare systems. By getting better data more frequently from more patients, healthcare professionals will be able to diagnose illness sooner, start treatment earlier, and monitor progress more closely. Much of this will be automated by connecting to artificial intelligence engines that will rely on Big Data analytics to find correlations that human professionals might miss. So why are we still waiting for this transformation?

FlexTech is part of SEMI, which works to promote flexible and printed electronics. At 11 AM Eastern on June 19, the group is sponsoring a free industry webinar, “Flexible Sensors & Flexible Electronics for Healthcare Applications: Business Cases.” The program will cover why this market is so difficult to predict for analysts, and the many obstacles to commercialization of the new technologies. It will include forecasts for medical applications of sensors and flexible electronics, and cover some of the devices that are most likely to have an impact soon. It will include information about how this technology can address issues facing an aging population, and its potential to reign in skyrocketing healthcare costs.

The presenter will be Lawrence Gasman, the  Principal Analyst for n-tech Research (formerly NanoMarkets), who is someone I know personally. While I no longer have any connection with n-tech Research, I have written industry analysis reports for the company in the past and have worked directly with Gasman. I respect the quality of work that he and his company produce, and have already signed up to attend this free session. (And if you can’t make the live event, your registration will give you access to a replay.) I expect that this will be a session that is well worth the time invested.