Healthy longevity is more than a buzzword. Living to an exceptionally old age has little appeal if the final decades are spent in illness, pain, and isolation. The CDC’s Healthy Aging Portal is replete with data, reports, and additional resources on the subject. The State of Aging and Health in America report series reveals national and state data and calls to action. As Alzheimer’s disease, the fatal form of dementia, rises along with the number of Americans 65 and older, the challenges of living old and sick are greater than ever.

Baltimore-based Insilco Medicine employs deep learning to track predicted age over time based on multiple biomarkers. The company mission is to “extend healthy longevity” using AI.The company’s primary focus on healthy living solutions brings artificial intelligence — specifically biomarker-driven deep learning — to pharmaceutical development for specific diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Insilco’s drug discovery engine uses millions of data types and samples to identify disease signatures and the best targets of opportunity to fend off or halt disease progression. Insilco’s Aging.AI page offers three deep-learning based age predictors based on human blood tests. There are no current mobile apps, but the Insilco predictors run on smartphone browsers. The tests differ in the number of data parameters, from 19 to 41. If you input your blood test data, the tests will guess your current age and sex. Presumably, if it guesses that you’re younger than your real age, you are healthier than average.

Insilco suggests people use one or more of the prediction tools to track their age and see which biomarkers affect their longevity. The company hopes people will use the predictors to validate the benefits of lifestyle changes or medications, all in the interest of helping them live longer and better.