At Health Tech Insider, we’re pleased to be media sponsors for a great conference coming up in May in Toronto. CPES2018 is a showcase and networking opportunity where you can find out the latest from the active and innovative Canadian flexible electronics industry. The conference covers a range of topics that we write about here, including wearables, printed electronics, and flexible circuitry. You will find information about everything from smart textiles to application software.

This is a smaller event where you can probably get a chance to speak with everyone if you try hard enough. The organizers have planned a program that puts the emphasis on information-sharing by panels of industry experts, instead of a parade of product pitches. The event also is designed to provide support for startups and people looking to make contacts in the industry. There will also be master classes, poster sessions, and a “Startup Launch Pad.”

CPES2018 will take place May 23 and 24, 2018, at Centennial College in Toronto. Discounted registrations are available through the end of March. For more details, go to