Last month at CES 2018, I had the honor of moderating the opening panel for the second day of the Digital Health Summit, produced by Living in Digital Times. The video of the session is available to view for free by clicking here.

The session was titled “Meet the Transformers in Digital Health,” and included executives from three companies that are taking exciting new approaches to solving some of healthcare’s problems. Thomas Riley is the CEO of SeniorLink, a company that offers a care collaboration platform to help interdisciplinary teams coordinate health care. Reena L. Pande, MD, is the Chief Medical Officer of AbleTo based in Boston. A practicing cardiologist, she is uses data analytics and outcomes research to help bridge the gaps between medical and behavioral health services using phone and video chat counseling. Dr. Zubin Eapen is the Chief Medical Officer of CareMore, a company that provides coordinated healthcare services for patients, including remote health monitoring.

We had a wide-ranging discussion, exploring what government policies can do to help promote — or hinder — innovation in healthcare services. We discussed the transition from fee-for-service to new payment models that fund health outcomes, and how restrictions on telehealth services are gradually being lifted. One of the big topics was how money saved by innovative programs doesn’t always benefit the budgets that pay for those services. For an informative and enjoyable half hour, click here to watch the video.

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