Diving enthusiasts will agree that spending time in the water can be a remarkable experience. There’s the feeling of weightlessness, the serenity and beauty of the underwater world, and the awe and wonder one feels when witnessing stingrays, seals, manatees, parrotfish, coral, and other sea creatures. But if you have to stop and consult your wrist dive computer to check safety information, you may miss the wonders you’re underwater to explore. Now there’s a dive computer that allows divers to enjoy each dive fully, without having to consult a separate device or compromise safety.

Thalatoo, a company founded in 2016 by two divers, has created Māoï, the first dive computer and assistant with a built-in heads-up display (HUD). Here’s how it works; A mini-projector sends information to an optical reflector, which reflects the light, enlarges the image, and projects it onto a clear glass display directly in the diver’s field of vision. Divers can check depth, dive time, decompression management, ascent rate, and other important safety information without taking their eyes off their instruments, or the wonders of the sea. Based on heads-up display technology, information is visible only when needed. For example, the ascent rate is only displayed once the diver starts the ascent; the rest of the time the transparent screen maximizes the diver’s field of vision. Māoï also has a front-facing screen dedicated to a diver’s dive buddy, displaying real time information to this person at all times, ensuring safe diving for all. To date, a fully functional version of the product has been tested and approved by divers. The company now wants to make it accessible to all, and has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to implement production in 2018.

Centralizing vital dive information in one place, always visible at a glance, is an innovation that will increase safety and peace of mind, and create a better, richer diving experience. If you don’t have to consult your wrist dive computer to check for important information, you can focus instead on that shark, eel, or barracuda in front of you.