When emergencies happen, fast response can often make the difference between life and death. Most adults carry cellphones, but they don’t help much if you’re unconscious. Automotive services such as General Motors’ OnStar detect accidents and deploy help without human intervention, but what if you’re walking, or riding a bicycle or motorcycle? We’ve written about the ICEdot Crash Sensor for bicycle helmets that contacts help via a connected smartphone. RapidSOS’s Haven contacts 9-1-1 with your precise location when you push a single button, but you need to push the button. French startup Cosmo Connected developed an eponymous multi-purpose helmet light that alerts emergency call centers and more.

Available in Europe and the U.K., Cosmo Connected‘s first purpose is as an ancillary, high visibility brake light at eye level to following drivers. With settings configured via an iOS or Android smart phone app, the helmet senses deceleration and activates 24 LEDs on the device. A flashing light setting alerts other drivers of danger or bad road conditions and a low-battery drain position light can remain on at all times. Signaled by an internal fall detector, the Cosmo Connected device can be configured to text or email specific people on a list for no charge. An optional subscription service alerts emergency call centers to send a medical response team. The helmet light uses internal sensors and Bluetooth wireless and does not need to be connected to the motorcycle’s brake or lighting system.

Whether you’re travel by car, motorcycle, or bicycle, devices and services such as those provided by OnStar and Cosmo Connected are likely to become more common in our increasingly connected world. Cosmo Connected has the added advantage with its integrated brake light that it may be able to help prevent an accident in addition to calling for help after an accident occurs.