Already one of the top diabetes management systems worldwide, Informed Data Systems’ One Drop blood glucose testing kit and smartphone app keeps diabetic patients and their care teams informed. When we wrote about One Drop in February 2017, the system’s iOS app could also incorporate activity data from Nike+ Running, Jawbone’s UP, and Garmin Connect trackers. Poised to expand worldwide, One Drop recently announced a multi-part collaboration with Fitbit.

One Drop users with Fitbit activity trackers can sync data from the trackers with their One Drop software and cloud-based accounts beginning in November 2017. Using real-time activity information patients can view how their physical activity relates to blood glucose levels on their One Drop smartphone app. Patient care teams can also use the data to plan and assess lifestyle activities and health goals. One Drop users can purchase Fitbit trackers at special prices on the One Drop website storefront.

One Drop also announced a further collaborative development with Fitbit using the new Fitbit Ionic smartwatch and the recently released Fitbit SDK. Using the planned Fitbit app, One Drop users with an Ionic wearable will be able to see the same self-care data, data-based insights, and glucose level statistics directly on the wristband device, bypassing the smartphone app. One Drop did not announce a launch date for the new capability.