Whether we’re bent over our smartphones, holding tablets above our faces while we read in bed, or working with laptops or desktop monitors, many of us spend significant amounts of time staring at displays. All this screen time too often results in digital eyestrain, also known as “computer vision syndrome,” according to the American Optometric Association. The most common symptoms of computer vision syndrome are eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain. (For that last symptom, also see our coverage on “forward head.”) Some experts agree that blue spectrum light emissions from displays contribute to eyestrain. As a result of the concerns about blue light, some display companies reduce the amount electronically. For example, Apple’s Night Shift cuts blue light emissions. Experts do not agree, however, on the effectiveness of blue light filters or “blue blocking” eyeglass lenses. The arguments on filtering effectiveness may still be unresolved, but that hasn’t stopped companies from offering glasses for computer users that purport to cut blue light sufficiently to reduce the incidence or severity of computer vision syndrome.

New York-based Felix Gray developed eyeglasses that the company claims reduce eyestrain by using three technologies. First, Felix Gray lenses filter blue light, particularly the highest energy wavelengths of 400-440 nm. Because the company states blue light also has advantages, its lenses do not block the more beneficial 440-500 nm blue light range. Unspecified “premium” AR coatings (anti-glare) on Felix Gray lenses purport to prevent up to 99% of the glare from displays from reaching users’ eyes. Last,  and specifically for people such as stock traders or others whose eyes are fixed on screens with no movement away for hours on end, Felix Gray offers .25x low power magnification as a no-cost option. You can also order Felix Grays to use as readers with +1.0x to +2.5x magnification at no cost increase.

Felix Gray computer vision glasses are available in five frame styles with two to three frame color choices per style, all priced at $95 with free shipping. Felix Gray glasses are scheduled to ship starting October 23, 2017.