The LCD pedometer was one of the earliest digital wearable fitness and health tech devices. It did one thing: It displayed a running count of steps… or what it interpreted as steps. Fitness wrist bands were next. With the onslaught of smartphones with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and the accompanying smorgasbord of apps, wearable fitness and health tech development rocketed higher and faster. We’ve gone from health tech that reports to your smart phone and your health care providers to ever-increasing levels of user engagement and customization.

The Oclean One, billed as the world’s fastest electric toothbrush, is an example of consumer Health Tech evolution. Oclean One creates fully customizable, personal brushing plans and talks to you while you brush your teeth. How much more engagement could anyone want? The feature list runs on and on, as does the Oclean One’s battery, according to the spec sheet. After a 3.5-hour charge, the battery is rated to last for 60 days of normal brushing. Poor battery life, long charging times, and lack of customization were the three most common complaints the company heard about other electric toothbrush brands before building Oclean One.

The Oclean app, compatible with iOS or Android devices, recommends a brushing plan based on your age, gender, eating habits, health, and other factors. There are twelve plans such as whitening teeth, protecting gums, sugary diet cleaning, braces cleans, and gestation period cleaning. Each time after you brush, the Oclean toothbrush generates a score, providing an analysis of your brushing. A further custom plan is then offered based on your performance. The Oclean One has a waterproof speaker on the bottom. It guides you during brushing and can also be used to play recorded voice memos and reminders.

Oclean One is currently in an Indigogo crowdfunding campaign, but the product appears to be much further developed than the objects of most such campaigns, judging from an engineering sample. Shipping is scheduled to begin in November 2017.