Forward is an exceptionally well-funded San Francisco startup with a reported $100 million invested already. The company seeks to improve the conventional doctor-patient model by deploying mobile “pop-up” doctor’s offices to practice proactive and preventative medical care with member patients.

Forward uses evidence-based, data-driven health care. Distributed offices will offer members in the San Francisco Bay Area 24/7 concierge level care for $149 a month. New patients choose a doctor via an app and schedule an initial baseline visit. The first visit includes a body scan, genetic screening for 10 types of cancer, real-time blood testing, and a comprehensive 90-minute exam. Next, patients meet with their doctor to go over the results from the tests and develop a personalized health and wellness plan. Patient records and plans are available via a mobile app which also has a chat feature that is always available. As part of the program, each patient has “take-home” wearable sensors that track their sleep, blood pressure, and heart health. Other on-site services include travel vaccines, free on-site first-fill generic medication prescriptions, fertility screening and reproductive health, men’s health, and skin procedures.

Forward is a fee-for-service medical practice that does not accept or process insurance, although FSA/HSA plans can pay the membership fees and other costs. As part of Forward’s concept, patients meet with their doctor throughout the year to manage their health by their plan. Forward does not offer emergency care, surgeries, hospitalization, or medical specialists but serves as the base for a new healthcare paradigm.