Brainwave detection and cognitive control for relaxation, focus, attention, and performance enhancement are headline promises of wearables that interact with your brain. In late 2015 we wrote about InterAxon’s Muse brainwave-sensing headband and software. We’ve also covered Cambridge Cognition and Ctrl Group’s Cognitive Kit for professionals and consumers who want to understand how physical and psychological factors influence cognition. Now an eyewear company has entered the field with a product that promises to enhance relaxation, focus, and performance.

Italian eyewear design and technology company Safilo‘s Safilo X division is working on smart glasses. Smith is a Safilo eyewear brand, and the Smith Lowdown Focus Mpowered by Muse glasses are packed with sensors for brainwaves, eye movement, and facial expressions. The glasses also have a 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, UV, temperature, and pressure sensors. The glasses are intended for use before activities to help the wearer calm and focus in order to achieve peak performance in subsequent activities, whether physical or mental. The application includes real-time biofeedback, brain training exercises, and meditation guidance.

The Smith Lowdown Focus Mpowered by Muse glasses were previewed at CES 2017. Originally scheduled to ship in summer 2017, the first glasses are now expected in September. Safilo has also announced its plans to incorporate Muse technology in eyewear in the Carrera and Polaroid brand families as well as with more styles in the Smith line.