Just over three years ago, Dan Rosenbaum of Center Ring Media launched an ambitious project. Wearable technology was gaining a lot of attention in the general media, but most of it was focused on fitness bands and smart watches. Not a lot of attention was given to the health and medical applications for wearable devices and related technology. And so Health Tech Insider was created. I’m proud to announce that we have now published 1,500 posts on the site.

I had the honor of being brought on from the start as Editor for the project, and I’ve written the majority of the posts on the site. I’ve been fortunate to have some skilled help from some excellent writers: first Riddhi Patel, and currently Bruce Brown. Together, we have covered a wide range of topics, from energy-harvesting implants to exoskeletons, from inexpensive medical devices for underdeveloped regions to brain-machine interfaces that could improve the lives of paralyzed patients.

We get a lot of positive feedback, as people tell us that we are filling an important need by providing a source of information that is valuable and of interest to business involved in this industry. And I’m pleased to know that we have a worldwide reach; when I was in Melbourne, Australia last March as the keynote speaker for The Digital Health Show there, many participants came up to me and expressed their appreciation for Health Tech Insider.

The best part is that we’re having a lot of fun on this project. We get to cover a wide range of topics that we find fascinating, and we get to be the connectors between some very intelligent and interesting people in the business.

As we pass the 1,500 post milestone, it feels as though we’re just building up steam. This is a rapidly-changing industry, and we have a lot more work to do. Perhaps it will take us less than three years to complete the next 1,500 posts. And most of all, we appreciate your continued support!

Alfred Poor, Editor