When discussing innovative wearable health technology, a traditional paper label manufacturing company isn’t likely to be part of the conversation. Why should it be? Wearable health tech is all about sensors, data transmission, local mobile device apps, and cloud storage. If all you’re considering are permanent or user remove-and-replace devices structure, paper has little place. But what about single-use or short-duration disposable sensor technologies? How do you attach the sensors that are secure enough to work correctly and easy to remove? And don’t forget cost; if devices are supposed to be disposable, you have to keep costs low.

That’s the train of thought that leads us to Vancive Medical Technology and its Metria wearable sensor technology. Vancive, formerly Avery Dennison Medical Solutions, is a division of Avery Dennison, the company that makes labels for file folders, shipping, inventory tracking, and myriad other business or manufacturing applications. Vancive continues to find and develop new markets for Metria. The Metria technology platform includes advanced adhesives, material, and adaptive manufacturing technologies to create labels that hold sensors, batteries, and microelectronics in place when attached to human skin.

Vancive manufactures a wide range of products for medical applications including surgical, wound care, patient monitor, ostomy, and diagnostics. Vancive’s Metria technology for wearables enables companies designing advanced single-use, disposable health sensor devices to focus on the techie elements of their solutions, and leave the labels to them.