Stress takes an enormous toll on many people. The American Psychological Association reports that 75% of adults report experiencing moderate to high stress levels in the previous month. We’ve covered a smart bra that detects stress, the role of wearables in reducing stress, a patch worn under clothing that alerts the wearer to increases in stress levels, and more.

BioSelf Technology‘s Sensate is a wearable that monitors stress indicators including heart rate, respiration, posture, temperature, and mood. When Sensate detects actionable stress levels, it emits low-frequency sound waves that purport to relieve stress by stimulating the vagus nerve. Used with headphones, Sensate also uses a combination of natural sounds and music to guide brain activity with a technique called Brainwave Synchronization. Sensate looks like an oversized guitar pick. You wear it under your clothing between your ribs just below the sternum – held in place by a chest strap. The Sensate device monitors data and transmits audio signals but doesn’t work alone; a smartphone app analyzes the biometric data and then directs the sound waves emitted by the device and selects the sounds and music that play through headphones.

Sensate is currently available for pre-order only through the company website. The price has not been announced, but Bioself Technology is scheduled to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube later in June 2017.