We’ve written about several “smart shirts” in the past. After we saw them at CES 2017, we covered Xenoma’s eSkin with 14 motion sensors and XYZLife’s shirt with motion and heart rate sensors. We also wrote about HealthWatch’s hWear and Master Caution control unit and app. Those shirts primarily focused on health tracking although eSkin’s motion sensors also have potential use with games or virtual reality.

Apparel company Colorfy has a shirt for the digital age that serves multiple functions. When the shirt called the 10Eleven9 is fully equipped with options, it can assist with daily digital living and work tasks while simultaneously monitoring health metrics. Colorfy has launched a Kickstarter campaign for 10Eleven9. The shirt will be available for men and women in casual, business, and active styles with multiple color choices for each. The shirts have nine pockets in all, including two no-bounce, RFID blocking pockets for wallet and smartphone, a passport-sized pocket, and six micro-pockets. The micro-pockets can hold sunglasses, wireless earbuds, an optional camera, and optional digital cuff links.

Seamless biosensors embedded in the shirt’s fabric detect heart rate, breathing, and posture. If you slouch, haptic feedback in the chest reminds you to sit straighter or stand taller. An optional detachable device powered by a coin cell battery slips into one of the micro pockets. The device sends continuously-collected sensor data to an associated mobile app called EVE. The app monitors the data and can act as an artificial intelligence-powered personal health coach. Each shirt sleeve can serve as a digital interface with optional digital cuff links. So equipped, you can swipe and tap either sleeve to control associated Bluetooth devices. For example, you can tap your cuff to take or hang up a phone call with a connected smartphone and earbuds. An optional module offers an 8-megapixel, 120-degree wide angle Wi-Fi camera with a Sony sensor that can capture images or video when you tap your sleeve. The camera fits into a pocket high on the chest. The camera has an integrated microphone and a flip stand and can be removed for use as a conference hub.

Colorfy plans to begin shirt production in September, release the mobile health app in February 2018, and commence shipping to backers in March 2018.