Last year we wrote about the Alex, the first text neck and posture coach wearable from Namu. We have also written about Medical Wearable SolutionsEyeForcer eyeglasses “text neck” solution for children. Now, based on the Alex success, what the company learned, and suggestions from users, Namu is launching Alex+. As with the original version, Alex+ is starting with a Kickstarter campaign.

The basic concept hasn’t changed. Like Alex, Alex+ is a personal wearable that signals via vibrations when it detects bad posture via an onboard triaxial acceleration sensor. You wear the device behind your head on your upper neck. Arms extend from each side and hook over your ears to hold it in place. After you calibrate the device with an associated smartphone app, you’re all set. You can track your posture over time on the app and control the vibration alarm settings. The new Alex+ is smaller and lighter than the original. Namu switched to silicon instead of plastic components for a smoother feel and more stylish appearance. The company also added adjustable length arms for a better fit. The new control application has additional tracking and alert settings and now includes guided neck and head posture exercises. It takes 3 hours to fully charge Alex+ via a micro USB port. A single charge is rated to last for up to 10 hours a day for 10 days, so charging once a week should be sufficient for most people.

Also called forward head, text neck doesn’t just hurt. Over time it can progress and become increasingly difficult to correct. Good intentions aside, many of us with text neck can’t always remember to sit straight with good posture and our heads up. An unobtrusive vibration reminder, especially one on the problem location, is a logical solution.