Jabra Elite Sport Use Valencell and Firstbeat 600x276

Two familiar names in the wearable health tech and biometrics space have announced a strategic collaboration. Raleigh-based biometric sensor technology innovator Valencell and Finish physiological analytics provider Firstbeat will work together to create insightful user experiences from the data gathered by wearable health tech garments and devices.

We’ve written about previously Firstbeat in reference to the company’s analytics expertise utilized by wearable health garment manufacturers. Valencell’s biometric sensor technology has been featured several times in articles about its optical sensor blood pressure measurement, hearable sensors, and the 2016 State of Wearables Survey. Both companies’ products and technologies are used or licensed by major brands including Samsung, LG, and Jabil’s Peak+. Jabra uses both Valencell sensors and Firstbeat physiological analytics in the Jabra Elite Sport wireless headphones.

The focus on the collaboration is user value. “Successful biometric wearables require two things above all else: highly accurate biometric data in all conditions, and advanced analytics to provide meaningful insights that help people achieve their goals,” said Valencell president and co-founder Dr. Steven LeBoeuf. “Firstbeat’s analytics technology, when fueled by accurate biometric data, is some of the best in the world. By combining Valencell’s highly accurate biometric sensor systems with Firstbeat’s analytics, OEMs can deliver mobile health and fitness applications that provide real value to the consumer.”