Numotion RMD

Many people confined to a wheelchair must deal with frustrating limitations. The bulky chair cannot fit in tight spaces, and while seated, the user cannot reach items that require them to be standing. A new product can help solve these problems and more.

Numotion has announced that they are the sole U.S. distributor for the Tek RMD made by Matia Robotics. RMD stands for “robotic mobilization device” and is a cross between an exoskeleton and a Segway. The four-wheel system can be summoned remotely, and the user can enter it without assistance. A powered system of straps lifts the user from a sitting to a standing position. A joystick allows the user to maneuver the device that is only 16.5 inches wide. The user can even lower into a sitting position, either to reach objects that are low or to transfer to a wheelchair or or chair.

The device has more benefits than just mobility or an increased sense of independence. It also delivers physical benefits. According to the press release, “the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America has found that standing five times every week can help improve bone density, bladder and bowel function, digestion, circulation and respiratory function.” Being able to sit, stand, and maneuver without assistance could be a life-enhancing improvement for many people who currently must rely on a wheelchair.