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Collaborations in wearable health technology keep cropping up. In 2016 we reported on Cambridge Cognition and Ctrl Group‘s wearable software development platform called Cognition Kit. The platform focuses on how physical and psychological factors affect cognition. That study used a Microsoft Band2, but at the time the project team said it was adaptable to other devices.

Takeda Pharmaceutical and Cognition Kit announced a pilot program to study the use of a specially designed app running on an Apple Watch to monitor and assess cognitive function in patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). According to Takeda, MDD affects about 350 million people worldwide and is the leading cause of disability. The joint project design focuses on tracking cognitive symptom patterns in patients with MDD in everyday life to “help maximize patient engagement and potential treatment.”

The pilot will include 30 participants aged 18-65 diagnosed with mild to moderate depression. The subjects all have been prescribed an antidepressant for MDD. The first part of the project will assess feasibility and compliance and compare how the wearable mood and cognition measures align with conventional neuropsychological testing and patient-reported assessments.  Going forward, Takeda and Cognition kit will continue to collaborate to find ways to improve worldwide mental health.