Senseonics CGM Implant with video 600x272

We’ve covered various clever glucose monitoring systems: Integrity Applications’ GlucoTrack ear clip device, Dario’s Blood Glucose Monitoring System handheld system, and the NovioSense device that reads glucose levels from tears. The massive need to track blood sugar levels by diabetics worldwide drives development of new methods and form factors to suit different needs and preferences

The Senseonics Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring System has an approach to glucose monitoring we’ve not seen before. The Eversense three-component system consists of an implanted sensor good for 90-days, a wireless transmitter, and a smartphone app. The sensor, which must be implanted by a physician, uses fluorescence technology to measure the glucose from interstitial fluid just below the surface of the skin. The sensor sends the data to a small transmitter worn on the skin above the insertion site. The transmitter, which can be removed for bathing or swimming, calculates glucose value, direction, speed, and whether it is likely to exceed target levels. In this respect, the Eversense system can be predictive. The data and alerts are sent to a paired smartphone app for real-time tracking, glucose pattern displays, and tips to help patients keep their glucose levels within range.

The Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring System has the CE Mark approval for use in the European Union but does not have FDA clearance or approval. In the U.S. The Eversense system is limited to investigative use only, not to supplant conventional blood glucose measurement.