We’ve often written about how wearable Health Tech devices have to “disappear” into our lives if they are to be successful. Large, bulky sensors that have to be recharged frequently are not destined for long-term success. That’s why we were particularly interested to see a new electronic “tattoo” that is set to ship this summer.

Rotex showed their new product that apparently can serve a variety of functions. The flexible sensor is designed to be worn continuously for up to a week at a time. It is intended to be disposable, with a target retail cost of just $10. The company plans to ship its first version in mid-2017, which will be a two-lead ECG device designed to measure heart signals. The next version will measure muscle activity, with the intention of using it as a gesture sensor to control devices such as drones or virtual reality (VR) apps. The company has ambitious goals for the system, however. They plan on using it for brain activity, as well as sensing breathing rate, hydration, and motion. It may even be used as a touch pad on your skin to control devices and applications. In addition to sensing, it may also be used for therapeutic treatments, such as TENs stimulation for pain control.

Until the product ships, we won’t know about its accuracy or utility. However, if the company can meet its target goals for ship data and pricing, this could be the first of many products that could be highly disruptive in many market segments that rely on biometric sensing.