I’m enroute to CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Officially, the show does not start for two more days, but the programs for members of the press start today. There are press conferences, as well as “mini-exhibits” just for the press for the next three nights. And the massive exhibit halls open on Thursday morning.

Of course, I’ve been getting ready for this event for months. The invitations to schedule meetings with companies started before Thanksgiving (and the flow to my email inbox has turned to a flood in recent weeks). I’ve got my time booked solid for the entire week, meeting with industry giants as well as intriguing new startups.

The big news already is that not only have wearables taken off, we are seeing a distinct shift in attention from simple fitness applications to the health and medical products and services that we cover here at Health Tech Insider. Companies that we’ve covered in the past are coming out with new and improved models. And we’re finding many new companies that are getting ready to ship their first products.

CES is an enormous show, so I can’t promise comprehensive coverage of even just the wearables. Over the next two weeks, however, I will bring you coverage of the most interesting products and services that are likely to have an impact on the lives of millions of people around the world. And of course, I will also be gathering information and insights from the dozens of executives that I’m scheduled to meet at the show. (I’ll be sharing a lot of this inside information and analysis in our “CES 2017: Wearable Industry Executive Briefing” on Thursday, January 12. You can find out more details about it here.)

So it’s time to put on my comfortable walking shows and hit the exhibit aisles. Stay tuned!