In April 2016, in conjunction with World Health Day, the World Health Organization (WHO) made a call for global action to halt the rise in diabetes and to improve care for people diagnosed with the disease. According to the WHO, 422 million adults live with diabetes worldwide, almost four times the number in 1980. Major factors behind this dramatic increase include overweight and obesity, WHO announced.

SAP and Roche have worked together through a company called Accu-Chek, to develop Accu-Chek View, a paper-based three-day system for tracking blood sugar readings, insulin dosage, meals, activity, and energy. It relies onpatient observations, a blood glucose monitor, a wearable fitness tracker, and a mobile app. The latest version of the integrated Accu-Chek system, Accu-Chek Connect combines a wireless blood glucose meter, a smartphone app, and an online portal. Used together the system helps patients log, view, and share data without ever writing in a log book.

Using Bluetooth wireless technology, an Accu-Check Aviva Connect meter sends readings to the smartphone app, from which the data is further transmitted to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform where it is analyzed and stored. Patients and healthcare providers alike can access the data to make decisions about care and management. An integrated Accu-Chek Bolus Advisor calculates precise insulin doses. The overall purpose of the Accu-Chek Connect system is to simultaneously improve data accuracy and make disease management easier for patients.

With the incidence of diabetes escalating worldwide, tools that aid disease management can positively affect patient compliance while assisting healthcare providers in delivering the best possible care in person or remotely.