Even if you’re never had issues with getting enough sleep, parenthood changes your perspective of sleep overnight. Sleep has significance for both newborns and their parents or caretakers. Anything that can help newborns, babies, and toddlers sleep better and at the same time enable parents to get back to healthy sleep patterns sooner has to be a good thing. Hatch Baby‘s lineup of smart devices for babies — and their parents — all use the free Hatch Baby app for configuration, monitoring, and reporting. The Hatch Baby Rest combination smart night light and sound machine could become parents’ most loved device, assuming it accomplishes what the company promises.

By choosing the color and intensity of light with your smartphone, nighttime feedings can be relaxed and restful with a dim light while diaper changes usually require a brighter light. Select sound themes can also promote rest. Programmed light and sound themes for specific schedules can help babies, toddlers, and young children be trained in healthy sleep habits. According to Hatch Baby, scheduled light and sound timing can promote healthy circadian rhythms and melatonin production. Melatonin is a hormone that aids sleep. A third useful function for Hatch Baby Rest is the OK-to-wake light: a way to signal children when nap time is over or when it’s OK to get out of bed in the morning. Parents will appreciate this if it helps prevent confused children from wandering into their parents’ bedroom at 2 a.m. asking if it’s time for breakfast yet.

No specific ship date has been announced for Hatch Baby Rest, although the company states it will be “coming soon.” The price is set at $59. As the parent of three children, the concept of getting more and better sleep sooner after childbirth is a delightful prospect.