New parents, whether with a first born or the latest of many births, cope with an often bewildering and potentially overwhelming array of responsibilities and baby-related factors. The emotional aspects of parenthood added to the impact of lifestyle changes often transform seemingly simple tasks to difficult chores. Peace of mind often eludes new parents, who typically simultaneously have to cope with fatigue from on-going lack of sleep.

Hatch Baby‘s products focus on helping parents regain a sense of control by helping them track the information they and their pediatrician care about. The Hatch Baby Grow smart changing pad and connected scale work in conjunction with a smartphone app to help with daily baby tasks like changing diapers and weighing the baby. Using the app, parents can automatically track the baby’s weight and compare growth percentile, keep track of feeding and diaper changes to measure nutritional input and output, and record the baby’s body length. Parents can also use the Hatch app to track sleeping times, helping them quickly learn about the baby’s sleep pattern. All of the information stored with the app can be shared with any interested parties and multiple devices can access the baby’s account.

Constructed from an ABS plastic base with wipeable foam upper material, the 7.5-pound Hatch Baby Grow is soft to the touch, according to the company, easy to clean and, at 20 x 16 x 3.5 inches, fits standard changing tables.  The device includes a safety straps and uses AA batteries to record and transmit data via Bluetooth to an associated smartphone. Hatch Baby Grow works with other devices from the same company, all of which store data on the Hatch Baby app. No specific release date is set for Hatch Baby Grow, which will have a $129 list price.